5 Bulk SMS watch outs!

Bulk SMS has been proven to be a great marketing strategy and with a high success rate compared to other marketing campaigns. But take note of the following actions for the best results or you could experience a loss of sales or ROI (Return on Investment)

1)   No call to action

Bulk SMS encourages interaction, so make sure your bulk SMS content tells your customer what to do! Without this in your bulk SMS, there is a big chance that your campaign will fail to capitalise.
If there is not a clear call to action then your customers are missing what action you wish them to take. Your aim is to engage customers and turn passive activities into interactive ones.

2)   Content is King when using bulk SMS

If you want to build a good relationship with your customers, which is what marketing is all about. You need to make your customers feel important and valued, appeal to their emotions. Make sure your content is personalised. Bulk SMS also encourages two-way messaging, so with this knowledge make sure your bulk SMS content invites your customers to be interactive, so there is a chance  of a response!
Bulk SMS tends to have a “less is more” approach, do not send constant messages to your customers this will annoy them and they will end up asking to removed from your data base!
Make sure your content is brief and relevant to your marketing campaign and will benefit your customer. What your produce is reflective of your brand!

3)   Poor Timing

If you want your Bulk SMS to create great ROI – timing is everything. Planning a SMS marketing strategy should follow a few simple steps, DO NOT send bulk messages before 9:00am or after 9:00pm. Depending on your product send your bulk SMS when it will be most suitable to use that service or product. For example a Pizza or burger special at your restaurant and you send your text message close to dinner time like 6:00pm, would be a good timing bulk SMS.
Infrequent bulk SMS messages can be a downfall for revenue, so work out the frequency to your messages.

4)   Repeating same message over and over

Repeating the same offer over and over can lessen the impact of your message for your customer and feel less personal. Same offers will decrease the chance of a sale as customers will know they will get the offer again. So remember to keep your text messages fresh and always have other offers available to keep the interest.

5)   Not double checking your text messages

This might come across as an obvious one, but it has been overlooked before – I am sure we all have experience in receiving a SMS with a spelling mistake and thinking what an unprofessional mistake to make.
Double check your content of your bulk SMS before you publish it!
Ensure all the relevant information such as web addresses etc work and are correct.

By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above will make your SMS campaign more successful. Make sure you monitor and analysis each campaign to see which campaign works best for your business to create a bigger chance of ROI.
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