Firstly, for those of you who are not 100% familiar with the word API and what it means, here is a quick introduction.
API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of functions and procedures, written inside a program such as SendEasy that allows 3rd party applications to have access to the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. In a nutshell SendEasy allows other applications, such as a online booking website or online store, to plug into it and send SMS’s.
SendEasy provides an API to allow developers to integrate seamlessly into their existing systems. This API ensures you can connect easily to our SMS Gateway giving you the capability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application. The beauty of integrating SendEasy into your software, you do not need to manually log in to SendEasy to send a SMS on behalf of your product or service. Instead, these protocols allow the process of sending SMS to become automated.

We have 3 ways of connecting to your system

  • Via API (document available for your perusal)
  • Via Web page, batch uploads (CSV or XLS)
  • Windows Application – send SMS straight from your desktop with ease.

To give you a couple of examples of SMS API integration:

  • Having a system send automated SMS in the case of system failure
  • Create a unique OTP pins for logging into particular sites
  • Automated SMS when payment has been made
  • Automated SMS notifications when bookings are made, such as dentist, restaurants and hotels etc
  • Automated appointment reminders, that can be sent the day before your appointment

Are you looking at a bulk SMS platform to integrate with your current software? Look no further than SendEasy. For more information go to www.sendeasy.co.za and sign up for free.