Bulk SMS is a Stress-Free Marketing Tool

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective marketing tools available today – mostly because people are glued to their mobile phones! Whether you are young or old, for business or pleasure people have their mobile phones with them all the time and we check and read our messages which is great if you need to communicate directly to your market.
Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit by using bulk SMS to get marketing and business messages out. Bulk SMS is also very cost effective so a quick and simple method to communicate with your market.
Some tips for your business if you wanting to use bulk SMS in your business.
Timing is a very important aspect in sending a SMS. For example: imagine you are driving home from work in the evening and thinking about dinner. Now imagine if you receive an SMS with a discount voucher to a local pizza or burger restaurant – you would be templated to take up the offer and the restaurant will have successfully attracted new customer with a simple quick and cost effective SMS. With Send Easy you can create your account and start sending bulk SMS to your database straight away.
When sending an SMS to potential clients, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Make sure what you are offering is clear and simple in your SMS. For example: use this coupon code to receive your discount at the teller. Also make sure you add your website address or phone number so that they can contact you if they need to
Make you customers feel special by personalising the message and making it feel like the offer is for them specifically. You can do this by using words such as “Here is your discount to use at any time before the end of June….etc.” or even better, you can use your customers name if you have it in your database.
What I love about Bulk SMS is using a text tends to be short and informative, to the point, and meaningful. Visit www.sendeasy.co.za  to start your Bulk SMS marketing campaigns today and see your business grow! With SendEasy sending Bulk SMS is easy to use and cost effective.