For stress-free communication to large databases, use SendEasy. You can send your message template OR personalised bulk messages through our safe, user-friendly, high-volume, online SMS platform. Our dedicated direct link to all cellular network providers offers you an interactive service at high speed, worldwide.

Sign up for free and receive 5 free SMSs to test our system.

SendEasy Bulk SMS system gives you complete control of your account:

  • Manage and control your budget with our pay as you use method. Credits never expire.
  • Manage, import and create data templates.
  • Easily personalise your messages and campaigns.
  • Get real-time reports to analyse and monitor outbound and inbound messages.
  • Receive replies directly to your account after sending an SMS.
  • Access to the developers API document.

WHY use SMS?

  • SMS is still the most direct, affordable and accessible communication method for the South African market.
  • It allows you to deliver targeted marketing messages and campaigns to any type of contact group: employees, friends, club/organisation members, etc.
  • SMS can also be used effectively for a range of message types:
    • competitions, promotions, fund raising
    • information service with personalised or bulk messages to individuals or groups
    • disaster alert and management

API Intergration into your existing systems

SendEasy provides a number of APIs to allow developers to integrate seamlessly into their existing systems. These APIs ensure you can connect easily to our SMS gateway, giving you the capability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application.

The API you use will depend on your own application.

We have 3 ways of connecting to your system:

  1. Via API (document available for your perusal)
  2. Via Web page, batch uploads (CSV or XLS)
  3. Windows application – send SMSs straight from your desktop