Coronavirus: Stay in touch with employees with bulk SMS

The impact of Covid-19 – the coronavirus continues to change the way businesses and other organisations handle their day to day operations. One of the biggest and standout changes is a shift to remote work. This is to help reduce the spread of the disease, and that is why many businesses are mandating that their employees work from home.

One of the biggest challenges, with this dramatic shift, is effective communication. Due to the virus spreading so quickly, often business owners are sending employees home without a good way to communicate with each other. This can hurt productivity and overall employee engagement. Although many businesses may default to sending out mass emails, sorely relying on one form of communication is not always effective when trying to share critical information. Bulk SMS has been proven to be an effective way to communicate messages to customers or employees.  SendEasy charges as little as 23c per SMS.

Choosing Bulk SMS during the coronavirus pandemic

Many organisations are turning to bulk notification solutions to help share information. While notifications are often used to share in-the-moment alerts about emergency situations, with the correct solution, businesses can use bulk SMS to easily deliver large communications that include health and safety tips related to coronavirus or operational updates. Utilising the remote capabilities of the bulk SMS system can help your business reach your employees, whilst ensuring that everyone receives a message and doesn’t get left in the dark. Here are a few solutions why bulk SMS is a great way to communicate with your organisation:

Access to SMS anytime, anywhere

One of the most immediate ways for a business to reach its employees is via their cell phones. An SMS can reach everyone in an organisation. When staff members are not in the office, or at their normal work facilities, their cell phones will likely be one of the devices they check most often for news and updates.

Can boost morale

One of the biggest problems with remote working is that employees may feel demotivated without their co-workers around them and feel rather disconnected from the bigger picture. Engaging with your staff on a personal level, start by sending out a bulk SMS message to each member of staff by notifying them of a new client, or an accomplishment with a current client. When your employees feel recognised, they will be more motivated to continue working hard to get their job done.

Extending work from home

If your business needs to extend the time it is requiring people to work from home, SMS text messages can provide an immediate means of reaching everyone, with clear, to-the-point messaging. This is good way of preventing the spread of rumours that might further disrupt an already chaotic situation.

Compliance and HR updates

Policy changes, employee benefits or work deadlines are crucial communications. Missing out on these updates could have a negative effect on an employee. Using a SMS text message to send these important messages will have a higher chance of being seen, as 98% of text messages are read and 90% of people read them within 3 minutes.  

Scheduling and project management

Project management and scheduling can be quite a headache when you have various teams working from home but on the same project. Bulk SMS messaging can ensure effective communication and can take place amongst the designated team members involved in the project, so that Skype meetings happen on time, or just to make sure everyone has the same information.

Employee feedback

Sometimes you find yourself needing feedback from several of your employees, before making a decision. This can result in endless and messy email threads and unclear results. Instead send out a simple text to vote message and collect data in a much more organised way. Additionally, using bulk SMS you can get more feedback from staff members and is an easy and convenient way to participate. All responses can be read on the SendEasy platform.

Emergency Alerts

As mentioned, bulk SMS messaging is ideal when it comes to reaching your employees in moments of urgency. When something alarming is happening, SMS is the fastest way to reach your entire work force in a matter of seconds. Having access to the SendEasy platform will look after the wellbeing of your employees and help them feel safe and secure.


While the overall impact of the coronavirus is still in question, businesses can use the SendEasy bulk SMS solution to send mass notifications, to stay in contact with employees and keep them informed about any changes or developments.

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