Covid-19 Stay in touch with customers with SendEasy

It has been a tough few weeks for everyone around the world, as we navigate the Covid-19 – coronavirus pandemic. Businesses such as restaurants, guesthouses, gyms, sports teams and other businesses worldwide are facing challenges, as governments take proactive measures to curb the spread of the virus.

During this time of uncertainty, we least know that bulk SMS is a powerful tool for sending important messages and want to help your business use it to reach customers effectively. SendEasy is an easy to use system that can get your message across to your customers.

Now more than ever, email inboxes are overflowing, as businesses reach out with messages about how they are responding to the pandemic, including safety measures being taken and impacted hours of operation and now of course with South Africa going into lockdown for 21 days. The stream of emails makes it difficult for customers to find the updates that matter the most. That is where bulk SMS can help.  

Use bulk SMS to get your message across to your customers even during the lockdown

If your business is being impacted by the coronavirus and the lockdown and you still want to reach your customers to show your appreciation, send important updates and let them know when you are reopening after the crisis, then SMS is a solution for you. Here is how we recommend using SMS:

1 – Communicating company updates

There are many reasons you might have to send customers critical information. During this time with everyone being bombarded with information, it is important that you be considerate in how often you are relaying these announcements, what information you choose to share, and the manner in which you communicate certain messages.

2 – Rescheduling appointments made during the lockdown

If you have appointments with customers during the lockdown, use SMS to help organise your business for when work commences again. Communicate with your customers by asking them to reschedule their appointment to a later date.

3 – Organising remote meetings and conference calls

Sending dates and reminders for remote meetings and conference calls with customers and other organisation leaders helps with effective focusing on preparing for the meeting rather than trying to organise it.

4 – Scheduled messages

Bulk SMS has the advantage of communicating the same information to all your customers. Planning your messages ahead of time to go out on a regular schedule can help customers get used to receiving updates from your business and help your customers get into the habit of checking for updates from you and your business. These messages can be safety reminders, appointments made for after the lockdown, wellbeing checks or other regular communications.  

5 – Asking for feedback or creating a poll

During the lockdown period you might have time to reflect on your business and the year you have had so far, maybe use this time to get valuable feedback by asking customers to rate your businesses service and products, or ask your customers for their opinion by creating a poll. Even though your business is not operating during this period, seeing the results of the data can make your business come back stronger after the pandemic we are currently facing.

Find the right solution

As South Africa now goes into the 21 Day Lockdown as from 27th March until April 16th, businesses are looking for ways to supply bulk SMS text messages while operations are impacted by Covid-19 – coronavirus, SendEasy offer the ability to reach customers with our platform. Sign up is free and receive 5 free text messages to test out the system for yourself. If you need more information, please contact us here.