Bulk SMS during coronavirus pandemic

Our new normal during Coronavirus

We never thought that we would be in a situation like this in our lifetime and working from home has certainly been full of trials and tribulations.  We have had to rethink how we communicate with everyone and adapt to changes as we go. This is where the SendEasy Bulk SMS system has become so useful and helpful.

As a business, it is essential to stay connected during Lock Down, may it be with your customers, clients or staff. During the Level 4 Lock Down, we are waiting on the news as to what Level 3 has in store for us in our country and it will be vital to spread the news of what is happening in our business both to staff and customers. SendEasy makes it easier to communicate with them and to put a quick and clear message out.

Not only can you send SMSs’ but you can also have people respond to these by simply replying to your message. When you send out a SMS and you are asking for a response, the reply messages will be posted to your inbox on your dashboard with SendEasy.  This will help you keep in touch with any projects your company is working on, collect any queries that your clients may have and allows you to give quick responses and feedback to them.

Are you looking at a bulk SMS platform to integrate with your current software? Look no further than SendEasy. Sign up for free by clicking here and receive 5 free SMSs to test our software.