Hosting Regions

We only host with reputable providers both locally and internationally, in order to ensure the safety, stability and uptime of our infrastructure.

Our servers are hosted in the following regions.

  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • European Union

Within these regions, the following hosting providers are used.

  • xneelo
  • Amito
  • Vultr
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloudways

We endeavour to host our clients within the region or country in which they are resident. Where this is not possible, we ensure that the hosting provider is located in a country with sufficient data protection and security requirements.

Cross Border Transfers

In certain support cases, project requirements, or development efforts, we may need to transfer your data across borders. This may be due to cloud services required or for inter-departmental transfer to assist with a requirement.

We take care to ensure that all our branches operate with the same level of security and diligence when it comes to data security and integrity. Data in transit is encrypted by TLS or by IPSec tunnel between branches. No data is transmitted “in the clear”.

Change Management

Any changes to our servers or infrastructure follow strict change management processes. Changes to live systems are not implemented without due planning and authorisation. Emergency changes follow a separate process to fast-track implementation and roll-out.

Data Retention on Termination

When you terminate your services with us, we will revoke access to and securely delete all of your live information hosted in our infrastructure. We will, on request and prior to termination, provide you with a copy of your hosted data should you need it.

After contract termination, we will retain encrypted backups of your data in accordance with your service agreement. After this period, we will enter into a disposal process. During this retention period, your data may be restored should you re-engage our services.

Account information that we need to retain due to legislation shall follow respective industry standards for retention.