We strive to provide a robust and resilient data environment for all our clients, employees, and associates. As such, we have many controls in place to ensure that should something go wrong, we are in an excellent position to recover quickly with minimal disruption to you.

Our Offices

We keep minimal data within our office, leveraging the cloud for many of our internal services. Should there be a catastrophic disruption at our offices, all teams are equipped to be able to perform their functions remotely with minimal disruption to our clients.

Data that is kept within our offices is regularly backed up and is stored off-site in an encrypted format.

Hosting and Data Centres

Regular backups are performed in our datacentre environments. At a high level, our backup schedule is as follows:

  • Daily within the Environment
  • Offsite backup solutions available on request

The backups within the environment allow us to recover quickly from any incident, and should there be a catastrophic event, offsite backups may be used to recover.

Server Monitoring

Our operations teams actively monitor our servers, using modern tools and pro-active methods. Should servers be seen to be underperforming or exhibiting symptoms of a fault, our teams will be notified immediately in order to act. We also monitor and audit access to servers, change control, and patch management within the environment.

Upgrades and Maintenance Windows

Within our environment, we have major releases ready from time to time. In line with this, we have a regular maintenance window for upgrades that coincides with these releases.

Patch management on our servers takes place outside of business hours to ensure minimal disruption to you, our client, while maintaining protection against attacks and vulnerabilities from an operating system point of view.

Disaster Recovery

In the case of a complete disaster, we have the following Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in place.

  • RTO        – 24 hours
  • RPO       – 48 hours

We have set DR plans in place should the unexpected occur. Should you wish to find out more about these plans, please reach out to your account manager.

Should you require always-on, geographic redundancy for your services with us (outside of our normal recovery times), please contact our sales team for further information and pricing.