Why BULK SMS is one of the Cheapest Marketing Option for Your Business

In general to be successful with marketing campaigns you need to be innovative, exciting and direct. Cell phones are still up there as one of the most dominant gadgets in the market today especially for everyday use. Makes sense then to include bulk SMS as a direct marketing approach!
Why Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest marketing options for your business: Three critical factors play a role in this decision.

  • Time!

Everybody has heard the term “time is money” to prevent big spending in marketing, and time consuming options, bulk SMS is the way forward when it comes to value for money.
Creating a marketing bulk SMS takes a few minutes and with a few clicks of a button you can promote a product to 50,000 people within the matter of minutes!  And this can be done all by one person in your company – bonus!!

Imagine using other telecommunication options like call centres to contact 50,000 potential clients, it would take months!!

  • Money!

Other Telecommunication options, like call centres cost a fortune, you need a big workforce of people to drive your numbers, which means more salaries to pay as well as a very high phone bill every month – ouch

Using SendEasy Bulk SMS platform to send your marketing message instead means it can be done by one person in your office. And because it’s so quick and easy, you save on personnel cost when doing your SMS campaigns!

SendEasy Bulk SMS platform charges 23c per SMS. So you can market to 100 people for R23,00! Where else can you communicate to a 100 people for the price of R23,00?

  • Resources!

Lastly, by using bulk SMS as a marketing tool for your business, you need minimal resources to do it, which makes it easy to get a marketing campaign going at any stage of your business, whether you have just started or it has been a going  concern for many years.

You need only need 3 major resources to start your Bulk SMS campaign. One computer, laptop or cell phone with an internet connection or mobile data, your marketing message and lastly the cell phone numbers of potential or existing customers.

Continuous communication with potential customers gives you a bigger chance of converting them into paying clients so Bulk SMS is a great way to keep the communication flowing and to upsell other products or services.

If BULK SMS is not part of your marketing strategy yet, the time is now!
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