If you want to use SMS as a communication or marketing tool, chances are you will be sending out a lot of messages to a large database of people. This would be very expensive and very time consuming using your mobile device.
Bulk SMS messaging sends a large amount of SMS messages, but using an SMS gateway. Now you a probably wondering what an SMS Gateway is?  An SMS gateway is a computer platform that allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS), meaning it is a 2-way communication tool. SendEasy, a proudly South African Bulk SMS platform, is an example of an SMS gateway.
SendEasy provides the following BENEFITS with their bulk SMS platform:

  • Manage and control your budget with our pay-as-you use method, and credits never expire
  • Managing, Importing and Creating data templates
  • Easily personalizing your messages and campaigns
  • Real time reports to effortlessly analyze and monitor outbound and inbound messages
  • Receive replies back directly to your account after sending an email. If someone wants to send a stop or opt out you receive this back immediately into your account.
  • Developers API Documents available

A Single SMS can be used for things like One Time Passwords (OTPs) and bank notifications.
Bulk SMS can be used for things like marketing a product, promoting a special event or sending a message to friends for a special occasion.
Bulk SMS is a much cheaper way of communicating to large amount of devices for a very small cost. SendEasy rates cost only 23c per SMS.
Sendeasy provides simple APIs to allow seamless integration into your existing systems.
These APIs ensure you connect easily to our SMS gateway giving you the capability to deliver and receive messages to-and-from any application.
SendEasy is a web based application and no software needs to be downloaded and No software installation is required by your customers
The idea of using this innovative product is to provide as many eyes as possible on your product or service. Creating customer awareness and engagement can be easily achieved with SendEasy Bulk SMS. With SendEasy Bulk SMS messages are delivered at a rate of approximately 12 sms’s in 1 second and each user has the ability to SEND OUT 50 000 SMS’S PER HOUR THROUGH OUR GATEWAY.
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