Our SendEasy WordPress plugin

The Netgen team has developed a cutting-edge WooCommerce extension plugin that is set to transform the way you manage order notifications on your site.

Our newly created plugin offers a seamless solution for sending SMS notifications. You can use to notify admins of new orders and to send personalised messages to customers based on different order statuses. This means that you can now keep both your team and your customers informed in real-time, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Some key features of our WooCommerce extension app:

Admin notifications – Receive instant SMS notifications for new orders placed on the your site. This ensures that your team is always in the loop, allowing for quick response times and efficient order processing.

Customer order status notifications – Provide your customers with a superior level of service by sending them customised SMS notifications for various order statuses. For instance, when an order is completed, a personalised SMS can be sent to the customer, confirming the successful completion of their purchase.

Access our SendEasy Plugin: Our plugin is free to use for all SendEasy users.

Interested in our plugin, but not a registered SendEasy user? Please click here to register.

Already a user of SendEasy Download the SendEasy plugin here.

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