E Mail Marketing Vs Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS and E-mail marketing techniques cater for business owners looking for effective bulk (mass) marketing and communication tools.  At a quick glance these two platforms looks very similar but if you look closer there are some differences with the benefits of each! Both these communication methods are very useful when it comes to communicating with your customers.
Here we look at a comparison between Bulk SMS and e-mail marketing:  Who will win the knockout in this battle?
Round 1: ding!        
First we look at the open rates between SMS and Email. SMS open rates are much higher at about 90 to 99% open rate, and generally the messages are known to be read within 3 minutes of delivery. This makes SMS marketing quick and effective for time sensitive messages (like a promotional deal for a closing down sale, for example). Open rates for email marketing are a lot lower, only weighing-in at about 25 to 35%
Round 1:  goes to Bulk SMS Marketing!
Round 2: ding!
How many Bulk SMS or Email messages make a successful campaign? For Email marketing the more messages you send the better the result. Engagement rates are higher when sending up to 30 campaigns a month! Compared to SMS, which is more exclusive; success has been shown with as little 4 to 6 Bulk SMS campaigns a month.  So in conclusion: Email campaigns need a lots of work and ‘sends’ so cost your business more in marketing costs. Bulk SMS in this case takes a “less is more approach” and tends to have quality over quantity. In fact if you end up sending more Bulk SMS messages more often it may come across as annoying and spam!
Round 2: Goes to SMS marketing.
Final Round – Round 3: ding!
The all important click through rates is AGAIN very different to each other. Firstly a click through rate is the proportion of visitors to a web page who follow a hypertext link to a particular site. Email marketing tends to generate a rate of between 6-7% only, whereas SMS generates a very high rate of 36%
The winner by total KNOCKOUT is BULK SMS MARKETING!
As you can see – Bulk SMS is the way forward for marketing, but with that said, to have a successful marketing strategy you should incorporate cohesive campaigns with high performing tactics.  As a business owner all you want to achieve at the end of the day is Return on your Investment (ROI). So select marketing techniques that give you value for money and works well for your business. Keep in mind your marketing goals, so you can achieve the most out of it whether it be to increase sales, generate interest or to increase your brand awareness. Whatever the goals make sure you pick the right option for you.
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Please note all the data percentages have been provided by Hubspot.