With so many players competing in the retail market game, business has to grind and work hard to keep up with all the competition. One of the best ways to outplay the competition is by building powerful and meaningful relationships with your customers. If you get the customers on your team and get them to stay on your team you can create a successful and profitable business.
How do you make your customers feel special and needed in your retail business?
With the knowledge picked up in the previous blogs (www.sendeasy.co.za/blog). We can establish that using BULK SMS marketing is a high performing marketing tool in any kind of business. Based on this your customers are more likely to make a purchase after receiving and reading a personalised SMS.
According to research on the performance of Bulk SMS marketing, customers are more willing to make a purchase after receiving and reading a personalized SMS , so connecting with customers in a timely manner is the key to earning business.
SENDEASY is an easy to use bulk SMS platform where you can create BULK SMS campaigns that can be delivered to their target audience in a very quick space of time! This will then drive more foot traffic through your doors.
When is a good time to use BULK SMS as a RETAILER?

  1. Welcome

Sending a ‘Hello’ and ‘Welcome’ SMS to new customers helps build and engage an initial relationship. This also shows that you are interested in your customer and appreciate their support, adding an extra level of customer service.

  1. Existing Customers

Bulk SMS is one of the best and most cost effective ways to keep existing customers happy and up to date with what is going on in your shop. Always offer your customers promotions, sales and specials. Give your long-term loyal clients better discounts/specials offers! The more the client feels important the more they will stay with you and not move to other retail options; but remember to make your BULK SMS engaging and interesting, and with a call to action!

  1. Birthday Wish

Want another way to impress and make your customers happy with your level of customer service? Send a lovely unique birthday SMS to your client to make them feel special and offer them a discount in your store!

  1. Tracking Orders and Deliveries

We all know that we fear the unknown, so receiving a SMS informing you when to expect the delivery of your purchased goods is always a good way of keeping your customers happy and satisfied with the service. You could also use an SMS to send them a tracking number and link that helps track where your goods are at all times.
These are only 4 examples of how BULK SMS with SENDEASY can be used to market your retail business. Remember BULK SMS offer a fantastic way of engaging with your new customers and retaining current customers.